Dilwale (1994)

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Dilwale (1994)

The Police Commissioner, Advocate Sinha and Police Inspector Vikram Singh arrive at the Central Mental Hospital to speak with an inmate, Arun Saxena. They hope to get Vikram to befriend Arun so that they could unravel the mystery as to why Arun ended up romancing wealthy Sapna, then getting involved with Jyoti, and subsequently killing her. Arun is arrested, confesses to the the homicide and is sentenced to be hanged. This news unsettles Arun to such an extend that he becomes mentally unstable and is institutionalized. Vikram hopes to befriend Arun, get him cured and medically discharged, and ensure that he is hanged.

Titre d'origine: Dilwale

Durée: 180

Genres: Acción | Drame | Romance
Audio:Français et sous-titré
Qualité:Full HD
Année de sortie:1994


Moyenne: 7.8 (6 Votes)
Votre score:

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